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Marketing Your Business With Vine

A plethora of messaging apps, including the likes of Viber and Kik Interactive, are seeking to capitalize the appeal of free SMS services - especially in emerging markets. But expanding overseas is tricky. Analysts cite Korea's KakaoTalk as an app that, despite sealing up the local market, hasn't done as well due to its lack of marketing clout. KakaoTalk declined to comment on its advertising budget. "The difference between the apps is who backs them. Both can fund global ambitions of penetration first and then monetization," said David Gibson, senior research analyst of games and IT at Macquarie Securities in Tokyo. Download numbers for Line and WeChat have been encouraging although both firms decline to specify how many foreign active users they have. Line says it has notched up 270 million registered users in just over two years, with 80 percent of those overseas. In Thailand, it has 18 million and in Spain, 15 million. In India, where it tied up with Sony Corp to be pre-loaded on Xperia smartphones, its number of registered users jumped to 10 million in the three months after its July launch. Since introducing the Messi ads in 15 countries in July, WeChat - primarily seen as a Chinese app with the bulk of its 236 million active users in China - has seen the number of its foreign registered users shoot up rapidly. It said it had 100 million registered users overseas as of end August, double the number in May, as it focused on extending its reach in the rest of Asia and Latin America. But toppling an incumbent is never easy. Line's downloads in Spain, for example, tripled to 15 million in five months after TV commercials starring celebrities from a popular soap opera were aired this year. At one point, it overtook WhatsApp in terms of user numbers before handing the lead back, although it commands a respectable No.

Among Vines chief advantages over more familiar marketing mediums is the fact that it caters to the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span. Even fifteen-second TV spots prove troublesome for viewers, so many companies are betting big that prospective customers will find the time to absorb six seconds of marketing at a sitting. But not every company out there has a huge war chest to spend on marketing. With that in mind, Vine has positioned itself as a highly appealing and affordable alternative to other forms of advertising. Lets take a look at just a few companies who have gotten creative with Vine, using it to create some strangely appealing advertisements. Bacardi UK This one is a perfect fit. Bacardi UK has seized the opportunity that Vine has provided to showcase how their products are best prepared and served. Bacardis six-second uploads show perfect cocktail recipes coming to life, from the ice to the fresh-squeezed lime juice. There are countless cocktail websites out there. But theres something appealing about seeing simple recipes, courtesy of the beverage maker themselves. SEE RELATED: Using social media as a networking tool Rhein Zeitung This German newspapers approach is less about straight marketing and more about informing their customers (and prospective customers) exactly how much work goes into publishing a daily paper. We live in a world where How Its Made-type shows are huge.

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